FK IT Solutions working strongly closer to the challenge as a one-point solution provider in Bangladesh.

FK IT Solutions has started upgrading its existing manpower with internationally recognized certifications in every sector of its operation and in some special cases acquired more experienced and professional people with excellent customer service support in mind.

We are proud to announce that our company has in its possession the best computer engineers, programmers and most dynamic sales squad in our country concerning educational background and experience. Having adequate expertise, the company has earned the capability to serve the local need for IT with proper support & maintenance services. These made the company one of the leading IT Company of the country.

The services offered by FK IT Solutions is regarded by the customers as skillful and friendly because they are executed by professionals bearing in mind the importance of a customer as well as due to the competence of their technological knowledge. Our aim is to give the customer an efficient and reliable system for maximum productivity as well as the lowest possible expenditure of maintenance.


To become the most trusted and reliable partner along with the Information and communication technology value chain in Bangladesh.


• Set the corporate goal to establish the company as a one-stop solution provider for Bangladesh.

• Expand Specific Solution Business by making an alliance with Strategic Partners.

• Reinforce Suppliers, Customers & Channel Partners Relationship.

• Set the new standard of a working environment.

• Become an industry leader.